Your horse may have decreased athletic performance due to a variety of reasons including muscle soreness, chiropractic misalignment, improper tack fit causing pain, chronic issues with the respiratory or nervous systems, or due to lameness of a limb. Dr. Sammons has extensive training in equine lameness and poor performance examinations and can offer imaging with x-rays or ultrasound to assist with determining the source of your horse’s altered performance. Once the problem has been identified, we can develop an individualized therapeutic plan for maximizing your horse’s athletic potential. If we do not offer the specific diagnostic modalities you horse needs, we certainly know another qualified practitioner that can help! 


We include the use of acupuncture, chiropractic, fascial release techniques, laser therapy, adjustments to saddle fit, core strengthening systems and physical therapy techniques, and can refer to practitioners for massage and additional complimentary therapies